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Rashays ™ (est 1998) trading as RASHAYS® Casual Dining ("RASHAYS®") is an Australian owned & operated restaurant business positioned in the rapidly growing casual dining segment. RASHAYS® is a proud member of the Franchise Council of Australia.
Franchise Information
Franchise Information


It seems you're interested in becoming a RASHAYS® franchisee, which means you’re a savvy, like minded individual with solid business skills, and who is not afraid to roll up your sleeves and work hard, especially if it gets you to where you want to be. It's these key ingredients we are looking for.
We are looking for passionate and committed individuals to become franchise partners with us to grow the RASHAYS® brand across Australia.
RASHAYS® have a unique & contemporary setting combined with a lively & energetic ambiance which is reflective of our company’s great culture. It is the representation of the founders attitude to life. The friendly team, the amazing food, and the hospitable service provides a strong foundation for a successful business.
RASHAYS® systems are well developed and rate highly against other restaurants in Australia. There are no other restaurant brands like ours in the food industry coupled with an operating system which is second to none!
It is more than a place to eat - it is an experience!


Punchbowl & Liverpool Food Court Franchisee

1. When did you join the RASHAYS® franchise?
April 2014
2. Whats the best part of being part RASHAYS® brand?
The systems procedures that are implemented in the RASHAYS® day to day operations to ensure best quality food & service.
3. Describe a day in the life of RASHAYS®?
Alot of hard work, commitment & dedication goes into everyday to ensure everything runs smoothly. It can be crazy hectic, but worth every minute.
4. Why should I join this Franchise?
Proven Success & Stability. Simply, we are confident we have the best systems in our industry. Our training, support and marketing to create success.
5. If you were to buy another franchise, where would you like it to be?

Wetherill Park Franchisee

1. When did you first purchase your RASHAYS® franchise?
December 2014
2. Whats the best thing about having your own RASHAYS?
Working with great people who are focused on our success
3. If you were to buy another franchise, where would you like it to be?
Western suburbs, maybe Blacktown or Edmonson Park

Penrith Franchisee

1. When did you first purchase your RASHAYS® franchise?
November 2015
2. What encouraged you to purchase a franchise?
Benefit of having a support from the proven system and brand exposure.
3. If you were to buy another franchise, where would you like it to be?
Marsden park

Merrylands Franchisee

1. When did you first purchase your RASHAYS franchise?
December 2013
2. What encouraged you to purchase a franchise?
I always wanted to have my own business but since I didn’t have any prior experience in running a business, I thought franchise would be secure option.
3. If you were to buy another franchise, where would you like it to be?

Eastgardens Franchisee

1. When did you first purchase your RASHAYS® franchise?
December 2014
2. Describe a day in the life of RASHAYS®?
It is a very busy environment in RASHAYS®! I enjoy my day because I love making sure that every customer walks away satisfied.


There are two ways to join the RASHAYS® system:

1. Purchase an existing store
Email our Chief Operations Manager [email protected] for a list of stores that may currently be on the market.
2. Open a new store
Once a viable market is targeted, the successful applicant will receive assistance in all areas of establishing their own store. This assistance includes rent negotiations, design layouts, construction, fit-out and training. All new franchisees must satisfactorily complete our training program prior to the opening of the new store, including:

  • Food & Beverage Preparation
  • Local knowledge
  • Staff recruting
  • Management
  • Logistics
  • MYOB or similar overview (with assistance of your accountant)
  • All aspects of the operations of RASHAYS®.
On your quest to become a RASHAYS® franchisee you’ll experience personal growth and gain management skills that you’ll find invaluable. Along the way, you’ll have the guidance of our proven RASHAYS® franchisee training model, plus all the support and knowledge we can offer on a local and national level.


The ideal premises would incorporate 300 square metres minimum with the following requirements:
  • Adequate floor space to seat 200 patrons.
  • Adequate toilet facilities as set down by the authorities.
  • Minimum Lease for a period of 5 years with two 5 year renewable options.
  • Allowance for grease trap, kitchen exhaust ventilation & gas supply.


Once you have completely reviewed this franchise information section of our web site and feel you can meet the initial criteria listed in this franchise information section, the process to join the RASHAYS® family typically happens in the following order:
  • Your interest as a franchisee will come directly to our Head Office via email.
  • A telephone conversation is held with our Chief Operations Officer, Roman Tepes.
  • You will receive a Mail out of a RASHAYS® Franchisee Information Pack.
  • Once this is returned and is satisfactory, further documentation will be forwarded to you.
  • Completed application form is received by RASHAYS® along with a list of proposed sites.
  • Signing of Confidentiality Agreement and Lodgment of deposit.
  • You and your partner/associate travel to RASHAYS® Head Office in Chester Hill, Sydney for a series of meetings with the support office team to establish a relationship of the parties.
  • Site selection is completed.
  • Interior and exterior designs are finalized and approved.
  • Construction begins.
  • Within this time, your extensive training program will have commenced
  • Construction is completed and actual in-store training begins with new staff.
  • Grand opening & Congratulations.

Please note:

  • Any proposed site needs to be approved & inspected by RASHAYS® first.
  • There is a chance that the above steps will not happen at the same time or alongside each other.
  • The liquor license must not have a criminal record.


Once the applicant is approved and has accepted and agrees to the terms of the franchise agreement, the applicant then has the rights to the contents of the Franchise Agreement.


1. What are the benefits and opportunities?
Your own business : We give you the tools and support at both a local and national level to help make your business a success.
2. Personal satisfaction:
Enjoy the satisfaction that comes from working with other people, from your restaurant crew, to your customers and the local community. Many of our franchise owners have made an impact on a local level with our successful brand.
3. Contribution:
We welcome contributions and an open exchange of ideas between the company and our franchisees.
4. Growth and experience:
The personal growth and business knowledge you’ll develop from our extensive training and your experience as a franchisee is invaluable. We encourage all our franchise owners to grow and to continually improve themselves and their businesses.
5. Is the Franchise a national company, and how long has it been operating?
Since 1998. Rashay’s have 8 company owned businesses in NSW at the moment with plans to expand over the next 12 months. The company has been in operation since 1998.
6. What makes a successful franchisee?
Willingness to Listen & Learn. This combined with the discipline to stick to a proven system will make your business a success. The most important attribute we look for is a franchisee’s ability to think out problems that may occur on a daily basis.
7. Why should I join this Franchise?
Proven Success & Stability. Simply, we are confident we have the best systems in our industry. Our training, support and marketing advice are first class.

What’s involved and what does it take?

RASHAYS® will be your only business. You cannot work anywhere else except at RASHAYS® and you’ve got to be prepared to make an investment of hard work and long hours to reach success.
  • You’re able to commit to our Registered Applicant Training Program for 3 months. The training program is full-time and unpaid.
  • You’re able to make a significant financial investment – upwards of $500,000 unencumbered funds. Once you’ve completed your training, you are open to the challenge of a regional location anywhere within NSW.
  • You’re looking to make a 10 year commitment.
  • You currently have or have had a successful business or career, demonstrated significant team leadership skills and know how to attract and develop talented people.
  • You are or you are able to become an integral part of your community as an employer, service provider, local business leader and an advocate of the RASHAYS® brand.
  • You’re energetic and take a hands-on approach.