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Road Map to Success

RASHAYS® has become one of Australia’s favourite family restaurant since its inception in 1998.

We are looking for passionate and committed people, who are like-minded and searching for success in life and business.

This opportunity is for individuals who are prepared to get involved in the day-to-day running of a successful restaurant/s. You will work hard, however, it will be for your own success.

Our systems and menu have been designed for all Australians and their families to enjoy together.

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Recipe for Success

Our uniquely designed restaurants combined with our great Aussie menu make RASHAYS® who it is. We create a fun vibrant environment for our customers and team. This is a true representation of who we are, which is lead by our founder Rami who is larger than life, he is on a quest for the success of all those around him.

We have developed a successful business model over the last 20 years. We have created a system that is focused on giving Australians flavours that appeal to their palates and we have created modern restaurants that are unique, with great food for people to come together.

Our systems and consistency of the product is unmatchable due to the control we have through our sourcing policy, relationships with our suppliers and the fact we have a central kitchen where RASHAYS® provides all the ingredients for you and you’re customers to enjoy.

How Success is Achieved

RASHAYS® is a modern day success story and we want you to be part of that success. There's an old saying the harder I worked the more successful I got. If you are prepared to work hard and follow our system then you are on the road to success. There a few things that are non negotiable on this journey:

• Our structured and comprehensive 3 month training program.
• Ability to raise around $600,000 plus working capital
• Success is not achieved overnight, as we generally sign leases of 10 years or more.
• Be an energetic and hands-on franchise partner
• Our systems are robust, all you need is the right attitude, be disciplined and a leader of people
• The ability to relate, inspire and empathise with people is essential
• Growing yourself and team is imperative. If you do not like people then this is not for you.
• RASHAYS® is a community within itself self, however, you will need to be an ambassador for Rashay's in your local area and community.

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We have been fine tuning our processes for over 20 years. Our menu has been designed by Australians for Australians. Add to that the consistency that comes from our own central production facility where everything that is cooked in a RASHAYS Restaurant comes through our hands before yours and on to our customers. Additional to this restriction we can provide Pick-up and delivery options to all our guests. There are no limits to this but we encourage social distancing and contactless pick up when taking advantage of these services.
The simple answer is no, however simple answers never tell the full story. You will need a clear ability to manage people, the discipline to follow process/systems, the want to learn, the ability to have fun and most importantly be prepared to become part of the RASHAYS community.
Over the years the entry cost to a newly built RASHAYS has varied slightly based on a number of factors from size, build cost and design variables. Rami has told us he wants all restaurants to be sold for the same price going forward, that price will be $600,000* plus working capital and any guarantees. This seems a large amount however just think what you get for that, a new restaurant, ovens, stoves, fridges, chairs, tables, glassware, cutlery, crockery, bar, point of sale and the list goes on and on. It’s not that much after you list it like that, is it?
In Australia Franchising law is designed to protect you as the franchisee plus to provide time and information. This is to ensure you can make informed decisions about if is the correct opportunity for you. In saying this, from making your initial enquiry to the day you take control of your own restaurant, the minimum time frame would be approximately 4 months.
At RASHAYS we are a community-based business and the only way to connect with your community, at all levels, is to work in the venue. The other reason we have this expectation is that you will need to understand, implicitly, the operations of your restaurant at all levels. There is the expectation to work hard; however, you will be having fun doing it. We are not saying you have to do this forever; we know you need to do this until the venue runs smoothly, you have developed and trained your team plus you have built a support structure in and around the restaurant. Please understand that you will always need to work however the expectation is to move from working IN your business from day to day to working ON your business
RASHAYS venues provide a full-service food and beverage offer. There is a great amount of detail and many different stations to learn as new franchisee. We take this very seriously and we want to set you up for success right from the beginning. The initial training program is 12 weeks where you will be required to work in the front and back of house plus be given an understanding of compliance requirements, financial, HR, IR and food safety. As a result of this commitment to achieving the best we can, at all levels, the training needs to be robust with the ability to give you the experience of running your own restaurant and being able to manage all stations in the venue
We have a number of franchisees that are multi-site owners, however this not an option for everyone. Once you have proven you can run one RASHAYS restaurant effectively and efficiently, plus, exhibit that you have the ability and support network to succeed as a multi-site owner, then and only then, we potentially can have a discussion about this option for you.