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How to celebrate a traditional Chinese New Year in Sydney!

Chinese New Year, also known as Lunar New Year, brings a significant amount of excitement to the Chinese community and represents the first day of the traditional Chinese calendar. Each year features a different Zodiac and the Year of the Dog is upon us!

So when is Chinese New Year? This year it will take place on the 16th of February with celebrations beginning on 15th of February and continuing for 15 days after the New Year begins.

With many traditions and customs, we have broken down the most common ways for you to celebrate the 2018 Chinese New Year in Sydney.

Food and Feasting

Chinese New Year is the most important time for the family to come together and feast on food believed to bring well wishes for the New Year.

One of the most common types of food to eat on Chinese New Year is fish and it is believed to bring prosperity and good luck to those who eat it. If eating out on Chinese New Year it is highly important to include a restaurant that includes fish as a way to promote prosperity for the New Year.

Blog: How to celebrate Chinese New Year

The colour Red

The traditional red and gold colour of Chinese New Year originated from old legends of a creature called Nian that was half bull featuring a lion’s head. This beast was known to terrorise local villagers and eat livestock and sometimes even children!
It was believed the only way to deter and scare away the Nian was the colour red, fire and noise. After the defeat of the Nian, the colour red has always represented good fortune and is a significant part of Chinese New Year celebrations. The ongoing representation of red and gold colours throughout the New Year celebrations is essential for providing the best start to a prosperous and fortunate year ahead.

After all, what is Chinese New Year without the colour red?

Red Packets

Paper lanterns are usually hung in doorways and are perceived to ward off bad luck and we’ll let you guess what the colour is! The red lanterns are also believed to be signs of vitality, energy, joy and good fortune. What occasion is more fitting to display lanterns than the most important day of the year?

Blog: How to celebrate Chinese New Year


In Chinese culture, Chinese New Year represents a new beginning and is extremely common to spend the few days leading up to the celebration cleaning your house. By cleaning every inch of your house, you are removing any bad fortune from the previous year and allowing for good fortune to enter. It is essential that the cleaning finishes before New Year’s Day and is not done again in the first few days of the New Year. Cleaning in the first few days of the New Year is a taboo and is believed to allow bad fortune back into your home. After all that time cleaning, you deserve a good meal and what better way to bring the family together to celebrate!

Blog: How to celebrate Chinese New Year

Where to celebrate?

This Chinese New Year, RASHAYS® will be spreading wishes of good fortune and prosperity and promoting family gatherings. RASHAYS® Rhodes, Lidcombe, Top Ryde and Darling Harbour will be celebrating Chinese New Year with red paper lanterns, offering red packets featuring a surprise gift and plenty of fish to be served + all your favourites!

If you feel like taking your family out to celebrate Chinese New Year with customary traditions and excitement then look no further than RASHAYS®, we would love to celebrate with you and wish you nothing but prosperity, good fortune and good health for the Year of the Dog.

Blog: How to celebrate Chinese New Year