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Add extra kick to your meal- Introducing new Tabasco® sauce range!

If you’re looking to add a flavour twist to your already delicious RASHAYS meals, we have NEW Tabasco® sauces available on every table at our restaurants located across Sydney, ACT, Wollongong and the Central Coast! Whether you’re adding to a sizzling steak, chicken fettuccine or gourmet burger, we have 3 extra flavour twist options available.

Introducing a new selection of Tabasco® sauce; with Green Pepper sauce, Chipotle Pepper Sauce and the classic Original Red Pepper Sauce to add extra kick to your meal!

Read on to find out our top meal recommendations to complement each Tabasco® sauce so your tastebuds will explode with more delicious flavour.

Tabasco® Green Pepper Sauce

The Tabasco® Green Pepper Sauce has a mild rating of 1 out of 5. Made from green jalapenos with a mild heat and delightful fresh salsa notes, this sauce adds a refreshing flavour to classic dishes such as Chicken and Avo, Eggs Royale, Avocado Salad, Smashed Avo, Eggs Benedict and Beef Nachos.
Anyone noticing a trend here? The best dishes to add the green pepper sauce to are the meals with subtler blend of flavours- the more avocado the better!

Blog: Add Extra Kick with Tabasco® Sauce!

Tabasco® Chipotle Pepper Sauce

The Tabasco® Chipotle Pepper Sauce has a smoky flavour and perfectly accompanies any of our BBQ sauce dishes such as the BBQ Chicken Pizza or the BBQ Chicken Tenders; also perfect with the Mega Breakfast or Southern Burger. If you love your steak more than anything, then add a perfect blend of flavours to your preferred red meat dish such as Lamb or Beef Ribs, New York steak, T-bone or Sirloin steak.
With a medium rating on the heat scale of 3 out of 5 and made from vine-ripened red jalapeno peppers smoked to perfection, the chipotle pepper sauce adds flavour and packs a mild kick. Perfect the kick without the full-blown heat of the Tabasco® Original Red Pepper Sauce.

Blog: Add Extra Kick with Tabasco® Sauce!

Tabasco® Original Red Pepper Sauce

For the people who consider themselves as flavour or heat daredevils or just want get the maximum kick from every meal then look no further than the Tabasco® Original Red Pepper Sauce. With a heat rating of 5 out of 5 and made from natural ingredients the original sauce can be added to a wide range of food products and dishes.
Our top selections to add Tabasco® Original Red Pepper Sauce include the chicken schnitzel, pizza, pasta, risotto, Beef Nacho Fries or bruschetta. The original red pepper sauce creates a perfect flavour combination with the thick, creamy dishes such as chicken fettucine, chicken risotto or chicken crepes.

Blog: Add Extra Kick with Tabasco® Sauce!

Share your flavour experiments and suggestions with us!

We’d love to see any twists you add our to our classic RASHAYS menu, including the addition of Tabasco® Sauces. Share your #rashayshack with us on Instagram using #rashays or tagging us @rashays_casualdining for your chance to win a dinner on us!

Let’s see how much extra flavour you can handle!

And if Tabasco® isn’t for you, we still have all your favourite meals as you know and love them!

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